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September 20, 2005

Here are a couple of photos hauling log from the down trees from Hurricane Katrina. The RBG has been an invaluable tool during this clean-up; from moving the logs to stacking all the limb and debris. This tractor and RBG was used to clear about 1 mile of rural roads during the initial days after the storm. Sorry, but I did not stop to take pictures of the tractor until yesterday. To date, over 3 weeks now, I still do not have power or communication from my house. 

Thank you W. R. Long, Inc. 

Tom Rawls

Covington, LA


August 29, 2005

Just thought I would send you a pic of my rig, including my new grapple. After using it this weekend, I can't believe I waited so long to purchase.

My back thanks you and the rest of the folks at W. R. Long.

I posted this pic on the TBN site  You can see the size of the logs I was moving around with the RBG. I can't believe I ever used chains and my FEL to try to move these - what a hassle that was, not to mention all the on and off the tractor time necessary to hook the chains.

My back thanks you and the rest of the folks at W. R. Long.

Bruce Pittillo




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