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How to Determine the correct Bucket for Your Loader

W.R. Long rates our 4-N-1 buckets based on the bottom center of the bucket at full height.  Some loader manufactures give the loader capacity at the bottom center at full height and some will give the loader capacity at full height at the pivot pin, 500 mm from the pivot pin, or 800 mm from the pivot pin.  If your loader is rated at 1,530 lbs. at the pivot pin and 880 lbs. at 800 mm from the pivot pin then you could take the average of these two numbers and come up with a rating of 1,205 lbs.  This rating would fit the UJ2 bucket.

Tractor Loader Capacity (Lbs)

W.R. Long 4N1 Bucket

450 to 900


800 to 1,100


1,100 to 2,000


2,000 to 3,000 UJ1

2,700 to 4,000


2,500 to 3,500


3,000 to 5,000


up to 6,500 HJHI
1,100 - 2,200 GPL - Grapple
2,000 - 4,000 GP - Grapple
500 - 1,400 RBG2 - Root Rake Brush Grapple Light
1,400 - 3,800 RBG - Root Rake Brush Grapple

Skid Steer Operating Capacity (Lbs)

W.R. Long 4N1 Bucket

Most Track Loaders


1,000 to 2,500


2,250 to 4,000


800 - 1,500 GPL - Grapple
1,500 - 4,000 GP - Grapple
800 - 3,000 RBG - Root Rake Brush Grapple


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