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3/12/12 New Product Grapalator with Removable Rails introduced

10/4/11 New Product Manure Forks with or without Grapple Introduced

3/1/11 Price Increase

9/28/10 New Product Adaptor Plate Introduced

9/28/10 New Product Front Blade X Introduced

1/15/10 New Product Front Blade Introduced

4/17/9 Grapalator now available

10/3/8 Square Bale Accumulator & Grapple now available

5/12/8 Price Increase

1/7/8  Open Bottom Grapple OBG2 now available for loaders with lift capacities up to 2,200 pounds.

7/14/06  Flat Bottom Tooth Bar "FTB" Shank and tooth are now flush with bottom of tooth bar to give smooth surface while back dragging.  This tooth bar now works with buckets that have bolt on blades.  Ask for availability.

7/14/06  Fork Attachment Light "FAL" Coming soon Fork Attachment for Sub Compacts

7/14/06  Sod Roller "SR-21-42" for Mini Skid Steers.

12/23/05  Root Rake Brush Grapple "RBG2" for Tractor Loaders and Mini Skid Steers Introduced.

12/23/05  4N1 Bucket HJ2L for Mini Skid Steers Introduced.

10/7/05  New price increase to take effect October 24th, 2005.

3/14/05  UJ1 and UJ1X now available.

8/9/04  New price increases to take effect August 30th, 2004

7/2/04  We have recently updated our website to give you more information about our products.  As you might have noticed we have a mixture of sketches and photos on our website.  We would like to include photos of all our products in use.  If you have a W.R.Long attachment, we would appreciate a digital photo so that we can show others our products at work.  Photos can be e-mailed to webmaster@wrlonginc.com

7/2/04  Coming soon!  The UJ1 and UJ1X 4N1 bucket.  The UJ1 design is the same design as the UJ and UJ2 bucket with a jaw opening of 44".  The UJ1 is designed for loaders with capacities of 2,000 to 3,000 Lbs. and the UJ1X is designed for loaders with capacities of 2,500 to 3,500 Lbs.    



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